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  • 2001
    CLARO S.A.

    Analista Financeiro Jr – Cobrança

    Performed activities:
    – Financial recovery of delinquent, corporate and
    – Active collection from customers and daily monitoring to reduce defaults;
    – Application of the collection rule following ANATEL rules;
    – Problem solving with internal areas, through interaction with after-sales,
    sales, technical area, invoicing, post-invoicing, legal, tax, among others;
    – Report to management on dealings with customers with higher revenues;
    – Focus on monitoring and reducing PDD;
    – Corporate visits and public administration bodies.
    – Qualified in the financial risk analysis related to the granting of credit in the
    decision making in the release of credit limits, for the Star One segments
    (Embratel satellite company), Large Companies, Top Account, Government, SMEs and

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