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About me

I am a professional in the area of ​​informatics, with great performance in
mainfraime environment, for analysis and development of systems. With my 
experience, I will be able to assimilate and cooperate with virtual 
assistant work.

I took the course with Elizandro Moreira, I am interning with K&K brands
company, searching for products using TA and Keepa with 8 hours daily 
load since 04-13-2021 , managing to generate a list of 35 weekly products,
 I am looking for the opportunity to start my career as a Virtual 


  • 1983 - 1985
    Fundacao Bradesco

    Colegial Tecnico Profissionalizante

    Formação de Programador de Computadores, utilizando ambiente MAINFRAIME, utilizando as ferramentas COBOL, CICS, ROSCOE, em conjunto com todas as disciplinas exigidas para considerar um curso valido


  • 2021 - Present
    K&K brands

    virtual assistant professional internship

    Search for products using the support tools TA and Keepa, making the analysis and selection for sale, doing an average of 9 hours a day finding 35 products for analysis by the store owner, Mr. Carlos Keglevich.
    Contact us by phone : +1 (678) 8629114 e +1 (404) 7661275

  • 1987 - 2014
    many companies

    informatics work

    35 years of professional experience in the data processing area, dedicated to companies of
    large, such as:
    Banco Mercantil de São Paulo S / A, Eletropaulo S / A, Nec do Brasil S / A,
    Banco Sudameris do Brasil S / A, Banco Crefisul S / A, Banco Nacional S / A,
    Banco Noroeste S / A, Real Seguros S / A, Rhodia S / A, Central Bank,
    Banco Santander Brasil, Nossa Caixa, AbnAmro, Citibank and Prodesp.
    I have extensive experience in the field of computer science as a program analyst, acquiring mastery
    in large equipment (IBM), using operating systems, such as:
    Roscoe, JCL / MVS, JCL / DOS, DOS / VSE and Unix.
    I have knowledge of maintenance, preparation and execution of programs in Natural Language I
    and II, in the areas of application of production control, stock control systems, applications of
    exchange, loan and insurance systems, integrating with several systems
    banking, using Adabas and DB2 databases.
    Cobol and Easytrieve plus with DB2 and Adabas.
    I participated in the physical and logical design of the transmission system in Natural II.
    Specifying analysis for migration of payroll systems to Military Police of the State of Sao Paulo


systems, banking, industrial and insurance analysis
Curso Assistente Virtual - Elizandro Moreira em andamento


portugues Brasil

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