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About me

I am a competent professional, organized and dedicated to my work. I have a degree in Marketing. I have two years of experience in shopping, and more than ten years of experience in sales and customer service in physical stores. I have domain in internet and spreadsheets.

I took the Virtual Assistant course with Elizadro Moreira at VAPro Academy to have a new profession within Amazon. I have 6 months experience in KEEPA, ASINZEN and TACTICAL ARBITRAGE tools and I’m looking for a job opportunity to do searches and bring the products for resale on Amazon.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity,



Sueli Gomes Amorim


  • 2008 - 2010
    South America College

    Technology in Marketing

    As a Marketing Technology professional, I can work on developing marketing strategies that ensure positive returns to brands and companies.


  • 2021 - 2021
    Maverick Wholesaler in UK

    Wholesaler Product Search for FBA

    Search for Wholesaler products from the UK; product analysis using Keepa, Helium10, Azinzen tools; contact with suppliers to purchase new products and purchase order.


Search Wholesaler products manually or by tools such as Tactical Arbitrage; analysis using Keepa, Helium10, Asinzen tools



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