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About me

Virtual Assistant Rafael Falchi E-Certificado VAPRO Academy  I’m a virtual assistant with an emphasis on Amazon with knowledge in product research, order fulfillment and customer service. I completed an intensive Virtual Assistant Amazon training.

In addition, I have knowledge in audits, chat service, update procedures, performance indicators and report writing. I am graduated in production engineering with 2 years of experience in the area of quality management, able to plan and prioritize tasks to deliver in time. I have knowledge in CS and experience in search and product analisys manually and by research software for Amazon sellers.

Due to this training, I’m fully proficient in product research for Amazon Dropshipping. I work with an Amazon Third Party Seller and enhanced my product research abilities. Now I can work with wholesale, FBA, FBM and also Private Label research.

I have advanced English level in writing. I have a dynamic and organized profile, which allows me to write concisely and organize documents. As a volunteer with the NGO Teto, I provided assistance, by chat, to young people interested in being part of the Cause. I worked as retention assistant in which I convinced customers to keep the signature of their products and also worked as call center salesman for an e-commerce company.


  • 2020
    Academia Amazon

    VAPRO Training Course

    Online training on how to become an expert Amazon virtual assistant. In this course, I learned several functions to manage a store. Among the functions, there are product search, management of seller feedbacks, management of customer reviews and account health maintenance, returns management, customer service, creating message templates and among other functions.

  • 2012 / 2016
    College Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz

    Bachelor of Production Engineering

    Graduated in Chemical Production Engineering. Adding knowledge related to the course and competence as a university student with a scholarship. Support and seeking support from colleagues in the work and activities developed in the classroom. Associating theoretical and practical knowledge in the internship. University extension courses, participation in study groups and visits in chemical industries such as Purcom, manufacturer of polyurethanes, BASF, chemical industry, and BAQ, manufacturer of resins and compounds. Presentation of academic work in the classroom such as the application of the brainstorming tool, application of industrial lubricants and among other topics.


  • 2020 - Present
    Amazon Third Party Seller

    Product Research Virtual Assistant

    ● Amazon (Amazon Researcher | Tactical Arbitrage | Reverse Search| Product Search | OAXRAY | Dropshpping)
    ● I am an experienced VA in reverse search and product search for Amazon
    ● Analyzing and finding items that are profitable for resale on Amazon based on given criteria in a checklist
    ● I find FBM price on Amazon by using FBM revenue calculator to work out costs and enter all that data on a spreadsheet in order to create the BOLO list
    ● Running searches in tactical arbitrage and reschedulling these researches
    ● Bulklist creation and management
    ● ASIN Extraction and reverse search with free tools
    ● Analysis of the research results in excel and view data

  • 2018 - 2020

    Quality Analyst

    ● Analysis of complaints via SAC, Procon, Social Networks, etc.
    ● Monitoring of punitive actions by those involved in the complaint
    ● Carrying out audits and controlling non-conformities of attendants
    ● Critical analysis of the causes of complaints using management tools
    ● Complaints report update
    ● Support for colleagues regarding work instructions
    ● Improvement of analysis procedures
    ● Control and resolution of replicas

  • 2017 - 2018

    Retention Assistant

    ● Retain dissatisfied customers
    ● Preparation of retention reports in each service
    ● Support to the technical team
    ● Train and support new assistants

  • 2017 - 2017

    Temporary telesales clerk

    Receptive service to sell on the internet, offering other products at the end of the call to leverage the campaign as insurance against qualified theft and theft, packaging for gift, extended warranty, etc.

  • 2014 - 2015
    Votorantim Metais

    Management Systems Intern

    ● Update of performance indicators at the factory
    ● Preparation of minutes and action plan reports
    ● Reduction in the number of accidents at the factory
    ● Assistance in stock control
    ● Daily monitoring of actions
    ● Develop presentations and conduct critical review meetings
    ● Monitoring of internal and external audits of ISO 9001

  • 2013 - 2013
    Lojão do Brás

    Goods checker (temporary)

    ● Packaging of customer goods
    ● Identification of goods
    ● Registration and verification of the same in the tax coupon
    ● Assistance of cashiers with whatever they need


Google Chrome
Public presentation
Quality audits
Chat customer service
Order processing
Online arbitrage
Tactical arbitrage
Revenue calculator

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