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About me

I call Rafael Meirelles, I'm Brazilian and I'm 21 years old. Are you looking for someone to manage your market, do online arbitration and find good products for your store on Amazon, Ebay or shopfy? I am willing to add to your team. I am self-taught, because of this, it is possible to facilitate the learning of new skills in addition to being able to add as it already exists.

I have experience as Social Media and content creation and basic knowledge about video editing (formats for social networks) and paid traffic, but as here I am self-taught and learn easily.

Count on me to grow your online business


  • 2019
    Prime Cursos do Brasil

    Assistente Administrativo

    Gestão financeira, administração, organização de arquivos, gerenciamento de informações.

  • 2020
    Amazon Ninja + Academia Amazon

    Curso Amazon Ninja + Academia Amazon

    • Busca e demanda de produtos. • Controle e gestão de ferramentas e softwares: Keepa; Tactical Arbitrage; OA Gênius e ECOM Solution. • Análise de produtos e ranking para FBA, Dropshipping e FBM/Online arbitrage com Keepa; Scanalyze; How Many e Asinspector Pro.



Administração e gerenciamento de estoque.
Social Media e criação de conteúdo.
Busca de produtos e Online Arbitrage
Gestão de trafego para Instagram e Facebook

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