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About me

Completes the VA training course specialized in amazon in the month of September 2020. I have been working in search of products since the end of the course. I am aware of the various areas in which a VA operates. I have experience with the various product search tools. I am proactive, responsible and have good communication with people.

Conclui o curso de formação VA especializado em Amazon no mês de setembro de 2020. Trabalho em busca de produtos desde o final do curso. Estou ciente das várias áreas em que opera um AV. Tenho experiência com as várias ferramentas de pesquisa de produtos. Sou pró-ativa, responsável e tenho boa comunicação com as pessoas.



  • 2020 - Present

    Search for profitable products for FBA and FBM.

    -AMAZON (Amazon Researcher | Tactical Arbitration | Dropshpping)
    * Online Arbitration Researcher
    – Find profitable items for resale on Amazon.
    – Product search based on certain criteria
    Check a list of sites, finding out the FBA / FBM price on
    Amazon, using the AsinZen tool to calculate costs and
    insertion of data in a spreadsheet.
    – I am a VA with experience in product research for
    Dropshipping on Amazon.
    – Find products that sell well on Amazon.
    – Use of the Tactical Arbitrage tool to search for products
    – Use of the Keep tool for reverse search and product analysis
    – Use of The Funnel Guru tool to check the store’s permission to sell the researched product
    – Use of the AsinZen tool for calculating prices and analyzing products


Costum Service
Order Processor
Product Research
Tactical Arbitrage Tool
The Funnel Guru Tool
Keepa Tool
AsinZen tool



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