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Como Consultor Organizacional ajudei empresas desde a ideia, desde o projeto até sua plena atuação no mercado. Também trabalhei com empresas em desenvolvimento e empresas consolidadas no mercado. Acredito que desenvolvendo as competências também exige poderei ajudar, com maestria, os empreendedores que estão iniciando seus negócios em parceria com a Amazon ou aqueles que já têm seus negócios consolidados e precisam de apoio com sua retaguarda. Ainda não atendi nenhuma empresa que está desenvolvendo seus negócios em plataformas digitais, como na Amazon, porém tenho buscado conhecimento nesta área e certamente, tendo uma oportunidade e um pouco mais de instruções, poderei me tornar um excelente parceiro para sua empresa o negócio.


  • 2012 - 2014
    Universidade Paulista

    Technologist in Management Processes

    As a technologist in management processes, I started my own business in Organizational Consulting, focusing on micro and small businesses and in the last 7 years I helped companies from the conception of the idea to companies with more experience in the market. I believe that by developing the necessary new skills I can also help new entrepreneurs in the digital universe, as well as entrepreneurs who are starting or who already have their stores on the Amazon platform.


  • 2013 - 2021
    Outside consultant

    Organizational Consultant

    Organizational consultant focused on micro and small businesses, I work with the mission of transforming family businesses into big businesses. My proposal is to rescue the entrepreneur\’s specialties, developing structures that allow him to get rid of bureaucratic and / or even operational activities and return his focus to the business, applying his or her end skills, what led him to undertake.

    * Analyze the scenarios of small and medium-sized companies;
    * read, interpret and articulate data and information that support decision-making processes;
    * conceive, execute, evaluate results and perfect projects, considering the market and the
    legislation to which small and medium-sized companies are subject;
    * assess levels of competition to define strategies for marketing products or
    * define budgets and form of advertising that can reach the clientele of these companies;
    * supervise the company\’s financial and accounting data entries;
    * guide the business towards and for the customer of small and medium-sized companies;
    * analyze statistical data on the segment of small and medium-sized companies for formulation
    diagnoses about the growth of a certain company;
    * define and control work teams;
    * create competitive advantages for the organization.

  • 2008 - 2013
    Pre-Moldados JF Ltda

    Financial assistant

    Human Resources, with recruitment, selection, hiring and internal marketing.
    Personnel department, with time control, admission and termination.
    Marketing Assistant, working alongside renowned market professionals, gaining experience in brand creation and development and market positioning.
    Financial Assistant, taking care of credit and collection analysis, monthly balance sheets, investments, accounts payable and receivable.

  • 2001 - 2006
    Grupo Zema

    Customer Consultant

    Credit and collection analysis. Box. Financial Products. Customer consultant.

    I participated in all the routines of the store. I was recognized as TOP seller in the region, in terms of turnover. I was recognized TOP Consultant in Financial Business in the region. For 5 years I maintained the position of main seller, in terms of turnover. Until the date of my termination, I maintained the brand of greatest seller in accumulated volume of business, since the opening of the store. I have always been called upon to participate in matters related to the management of the store.


Be careful with the customer.
Mastery of technology (computer, additional tools).
Ease to learn new technological tools.
Business vision of the businesses involved. Systemic View.



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