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About me

My name is Lucilene, I have a lot of knowledge in the administrative and financial area, I have already worked in two companies that were experiencing financial and administrative difficulties and almost closing the doors, I corrected all the processes so that they would recover and grow again without problems. I have several skills and knowledge such as: scheduling, control of accounts receivable and payable, monthly closings, document organozations, I hold meetings with employees, budgets, typing, issuing invoices, slips, among others. I am quite didactic and organized, I always seek more knowledge so that I can offer my service better, I am willing to seek more skills and knowledge to develop my service better. I am quite communicative.



  • 2014 - 2019
    Kumon Pirassununga

    Auxiliar Administrativo

    Principais atividades:
    Contratação, controle financeiro, entrada e saída de caixa, entrada e saída de notas, recebimentos, cadastro, vendas, atendimento ao cliente, entre outros.

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