About Luciana Guimaraes Vasconcelos

About me

Brazilian, married, 45 years old, crutches user, mother of 05 beautiful cats (no human children – lol!).

Veterinarian, Master in Animal Science, Specializing in Feline Medicine, looking for new horizons and challenges at Amazon.

Organized, meticulous in constant improvement.

In my spare time, I enjoy being with my husband and cats, reading, watching the news, movies and series, and occasionally visiting friends.

Ordinary person, who admires the simple things in life – the contact with nature, celebrating life.

Skills: product search and analysis, creation of listings, and customer service.

I master the Office package; VAPro Tools, Extractor and Product Source; Keepa.

I seek to develop skills in account management and with SmartScout tools; Tactical Bucket and Arbitrage; Source Mogul; Google Trends and Ads; Inventory Source and Lab.

Intermediate English.

Eternal student and super grateful to the VAPro team!
I came to stay !!!

My contacts:
Cellphone/Whatsapp/Duo: +55 21 99199-8082
Skype: guimaraes_vet


  • 2002 - 2020
    Federal Universities: Fluminense, Lavras and Goíás - Brazil.

    Veterinarian, Specialized, and Master degree in Animal Science.

    I worked in the areas of preventive medicine, nutrition, certification and bovine traceability, although my dissertation was in poultry nutrition (I sought to improve myself in what was most developed in the area of ​​animal nutrition). I stopped working as a veterinarian due to a peripheral polyneuropathy that led me to the condition of a wheelchair user. Still, I completed an improvement in feline medicine to take care of my cats.


  • 2022 - Present
    VAPro School

    Virtual Assistant Professional in development

    Training course for Virtual Assistants specialized in Amazon and trainee. Contents: FBA/FBM; central seller; customer service; products research and analysis; order processing; shipping, returns, and refunds; listing creation; PPC; account health management. Tools and Extensions: OAGenius, how many, online seller addon, RevSeller, Keepa, Hellium 10, DS Amazon Quick View, Asin Fetcher, Right Click to Search, Tactical Bucket and Arbitrage, Source Mogul, OAX-Ray, Smart Scout, VAPro Tools, Asin Extractor and Product Source, Inventory Lab, Google Trends and Ads.





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