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About me

My name is Laura Otoni. I’m 44 years old, I’m an accountant, I worked for 23 years in an accounting office, I live in Capelinha / MG in Brazil.
As an expert Amazon Virtual Assistant, I know how to list products and do customer service. I have basic knowledge of Seller Central and software such as: Tactical Arbitrage, Source Mogol, OAxray, Tactical Bucket, Keepa, Inventorylab, Helium 10 and Scanalyze, all presented by Elizandro in the training. I also have the basics of spreadsheets and image processing.
I’m a beginner, but with a lot of willpower to learn. I find it easy to work in a team and a lot of dedication. I’m finishing the course for Elizandro Moreira (a Brazilian who lives in Orlando, Florida, who is also an Amazon seller and has been teaching us how interesting the work of a Virtual Assistant specialized in Amazon is). I don’t speak English, but I can read and write well.
I’m looking for an opportunity to help you, sellers, monitor the status of your Amazon account, earning the respect and trust of the customer, and thus getting closer to earning the Shopping Box.
I would love to be part of your team and grow together.
I am available for interviews and also for testing periods.

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