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It strives for ethics and respect for the seller, treating its account and store within Amazon with zeal and accurate care, observing the metrics to keep the seller’s account always healthy.
It seeks a good relationship with the seller, attending to their requirements, and complying with their requests.
He understands that the growth of the seller is also his growth.
Expert in:
1 – Customer service.
2 – Order processing.
3 – Search and Analysis of products, using software such as Tactical Arbitrage, Tactical Bucket, OAXray.
Review Seller, among others.
4 – Return management.

Prima-se pela ética e respeito ao vendedor, tratando sua conta e loja na Amazon com zelo e cuidado preciso, observando as métricas para manter a conta do vendedor sempre saudável.
Busca um bom relacionamento com o vendedor, atendendo às suas necessidades e atendendo às suas solicitações.
Ele entende que o crescimento do vendedor também é o seu crescimento.
Especialista em:
1 – Atendimento ao cliente.
2 – Processamento de pedidos.
3 – Pesquisa e Análise de produtos, utilizando softwares como Tactical Arbitrage, Tactical Bucket, OAXray.
Comente Vendedor, entre outros.
4 – Gerenciamento de devoluções.


  • Completed in February, 2014
    Federal Rural University of the Semi-Arid -UFERSA

    Master in Communication and Automation Systems

    Title: Discrete Antenna with Circular Patch Made on Ceramic Dielectric Substrate Based on Niobium Pentoxide - Nb2O5 Abstract The microstrip antennas are the most versatile and used in microwave antennas, which are constituted by a metal element and a radiator plane separated by a dielectric material, called substrate in the technical literature. This work has as the main goal to build a microstrip antenna with Patch in a circular format, using as material for making the dielectric substrate Niobium pentoxide (Nb2O5). Thus, there has been a dielectric base substrate making use of this material for both the powder metallurgy method, which comprises three stages namely milling, compression or compaction, and sintering. The substrate produced was characterized electrically and showed a low permittivity and low loss tangent for a frequency range in 8,2GHz microwave to 12,4GHz. The microstrip antenna made from this substrate is designed to resonate at a frequency of around 10 GHz by the cavity method. The numerical results obtained in the simulations and measurements made with the antenna were satisfactory and with good agreement.

  • Completed in December, 2000
    Pontifical Catholic University - PUC

    Specialization in Telecommunications Systems

  • Completed in December, 2006
    Potiguar University – UnP

    Bachelor's Degree in Law

  • Completed in December, 1993
    Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte - UFRN

    Graduation in Electrical Engineering

  • expected to be completed in July, 2021
    Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte - UFRN

    Doctorate in progress

    Title: Study and Analysis of a Multilayer Microfiber Antenna on Niobium Pentoxide and Nickel Ferrite

  • completed in September, 2021
    Amazon Academy - Academia Amazon

    Virtual Assistant Specialist in Amazon - Assitente Virtual especialista em Amazon

    Service Description: -AMAZON (Amazon Researcher|Tactical Arbitrage|Ebay|Wholesale|OAXRAY|Dropshpping) *Product listing creation and optimization. *Basic photo editing & re-sizing *Fix suppressed or poor quality listing -Amazon Product Description And Research *keywords research and good skills of writing titles and descriptions *writing keyword optimized titles and description *Online Arbitrage Researcher -finding items that are profitable for resale on Amazon. -Product research based on given criteria (Check a list of websites, find out the FBA price on Amazon, use the FBA revenue calculator to work out costs, and enter all that data on a spreadsheet). Amazon Wholesale Sourcing - I am an experienced VA in sourcing wholesale accounts for Amazon. - Finding products that sell well on Amazon. - Source for accounts - Contact Suppliers/Manufacturers - Document contacts


  • 2013 - 2014
    Mossoró City Hall - PMM - Prefeitura Municipal de Mossoró – PMM

    General Ombudsman of the Municipality of Mossoró-RN

    Meet the demands of citizens with management; seek public resources from the municipal administration to effectively satisfy citizens\' needs; simplify public management in the search for resources to meet the needs of residents, making it more effective and efficient; prepare periodic reports and inform the larger manager of the needs of citizens and improvements to the public system. Atender as demandas dos cidadãos com gestão; buscar recursos públicos da administração municipal para atender efetivamente às necessidades dos cidadãos; simplificar a gestão pública na busca de recursos para atender às necessidades dos moradores, tornando-a mais efetiva e eficiente; preparar relatórios periódicos e informar o grande gestor sobre as necessidades dos cidadãos e melhorias no sistema público.

  • 2008 - 2013
    University `Potiguar - UnP

    Professor of the Bachelor of Law course

    Teach subjects inherent to the Law course. Prepare articles for legal magazines. Give lectures using computers and data show. Develop and apply assessments with students. Develop seminars on legal topics with students. Plan the content given in classes. Coordinate courses for the legal week. Guide Final Work for the Undergratuation and participate in Final Work for the Undergratuation evaluation boards. Ministrar disciplinas inerentes ao curso de Direito. Prepare artigos para revistas jurídicas. Dê palestras usando computadores e data show. Desenvolva e aplique avaliações com os alunos. Desenvolver seminários sobre temas jurídicos com os alunos. Planeje o conteúdo ministrado nas aulas. Coordenar cursos para a semana jurídica. Orientar os Trabalhos Finais para a Graduação e participar dos Trabalhos Finais para as bancas de avaliação da Graduação.

  • 2000 - 2001
    Telemar Norte e Leste - OI TELEMAR

    GRA OESTE Manager

    Direct and manage teams of operation and maintenance of radio transmission systems, mobile data, switching, and energy. Management of telephone exchanges. Direct service to the telephone line subscriber. Creation and fulfillment of goals. Perform phone line repairs. Prepare reports. Manage the working hours of team members, overtime worked by them. Direcionar e gerenciar equipes de operação e manutenção de sistemas de transmissão de rádio, dados móveis, comutação e energia. Gestão de centrais telefônicas. Serviço direto ao assinante da linha telefônica. Criação e cumprimento de metas. Faça reparos na linha telefônica. Prepare relatórios. Gerenciar as horas de trabalho dos membros da equipe, horas extras trabalhadas por eles.

  • 1996 - 1999
    Mossoró City Hall - Prefeitura Municipal de Mossoró-RN

    Diretor Assistente - Assistant Director

    Coordinate the work of the electrician and auxiliary team. Develop public lighting maintenance schedules. Develop and execute projects to expand public lighting. Assist citizens in their claims to maintain public lighting in streets, squares, public places and buildings and departments of municipal bodies. Prepare reports on the activities developed. Coordenar o trabalho do eletricista e equipe auxiliar. Elabore cronogramas de manutenção de iluminação pública. Elaborar e executar projetos de ampliação da iluminação pública. Auxiliar os cidadãos em suas reivindicações de manutenção da iluminação pública em ruas, praças, logradouros e prédios públicos e departamentos de órgãos municipais. Elaborar relatórios sobre as atividades desenvolvidas.


Order Processing _ Processamento de Pedidos
Customer Service
Product Search and Analysis - Busca e Análise de Produtos

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