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About me

Hello, my name is Flávio Frazão. I am a virtual assistant specialized in Amazon and I help sellers of this marketplace in the area of ​​customer service and product management. It can also help in the area of ​​product research as determined by the store owner.

A customer well done by the store or feedback that always served customers with respect, an excellent store and always served customers with respect focused on solving problems using or not the templates that optimize the work according to the need. Whether it is the management of FBM products, it has the knowledge of the product manufacturer in an organized way or in the search for its elaborate software for the definition of auxiliary products.

Know some skills and software that I know how to use:

– Creation of spreadsheets using google sheet or allowing a better organization of tasks;

– For FBM, the OAGenius product control software must be used in an organized and careful way to enter the information;

– For FBA, I know how to use Inventorylab software that tracks all shipped, lost and returned products from Amazon stock;

In the product search task, you will use the software most used by sellers, which is Tactical Arbitrage, aligned with Tactical Bucket, which assists in product searches and has a large number of sites to perform searches. Parallel to TA, I learned to use Keepa to do FLIP inside Amazon, but it’s also a great software to search for products.

Still in the search for products, I know how to use software that can be a search option while the TA takes the time necessary to perform searches such as: SOURCE MOGUL, OAX RAY and SMART SCOUT. The latter being very suitable for doing FBA;

Finally, let me know what can help with the ability to create a product creation strategy using the 4 pillar method of a list of winning products can already help with a good PPC AMAZON ADVERTISING strategy despite being a developing skill. In addition to skills, I offer proactivity, all my communicated services and my knowledge.

So let me know, what skills are you needing help with in your store?


  • 2022 - 2022

    Curso de Assistência Virtual - VAPRO

    Course focused on learning specialized virtual assistants on Amazon. In this course taught by Elizandro Moreira, we learned how to provide customer service respecting the response deadlines established by Amazon and we learned how to process orders in stores along with product management using a fbm software called OEGENIUS. About product search, we learned from the most used search software on the market such as Tactical Arbitrage, OEX Ray and Source Mogul. We learned to use keepa as an analysis tool for product pricing and analysis to avoid IP.

  • 2010 - 2012
  • 2022 - 2022
    André Sintonia

    Master Mind Source Products

    I learned to use Tactical Arbitrage as the main product search tool by applying the Sintonia way of diversifying research. I also learned how to use keepa as a tool to create high value products to use in TA as reverse search, and increase knowledge about avoiding IP of products. I came to know how to analyze products using Asinzen as the main tool taking into account the established criteria.


  • 2021 - Present
    FTRJ Sellers Cedro

    Proprietary partner

    Search for products for FBA mode online arbitrage, product registration in shops, bulklist creation for product search organization and product pricing.

  • 2018 - 2020
    FSFN Markdigital


    Creating Web pages, social media management, WhatsApp group management, paid ad management using Facebook, Google and Taboola, customer service, content schedule creation, target audience study and digital sales funnel deployment.

  • 2011 - 2018
    JGS Corretores de Seguros SA

    Information Technology Analyst

    Management and Maintenance Server Terminal Service with Applications The Firebird database, hardware and software installation, Maintenance of micros and printers, management and update of the site, Ethernet network administration and Wi-Fi network, development and documentation of area procedures For end users, remote calls through specialized software, update and controlled maintenance of strong business / financial systems systems and microdata systems, implementation of peripherals in the physical network, Endian firewall security reporting, user support, Digital Marketing with the intention of generating leads for sales of the company’s products by the commercial area and a leading auditor in the organization based on ISO 9001/2008.


Tactital Arbitrage
Smart Scout



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