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Dear employer,

I’m a young worker from Brazil who is unemployed at this moment, and I’m looking for an opportunity to work and help within your business. I’m a Mechanical Engineer graduated in 2018, and I can communicate in English and Spanish. It’s my first experience being a freelancer and working as a VA, but I’ve already worked being a salesman, in a Honda Car Dealer, and also I’ve already worked as a Purchaser Intern in a global tire manufacturer known as Continental.




  • 2011 - 2016
    Honda Nortevel Distribuidora de Veiculos Ltda

    PCP Analyst / Autoparts Salesman / Warranty Analyst

    Job: PCP Analyst
    Scheduling of preventive and corrective mechanical maintenance services. In addition, I made
    budgets took care of the workshop\’s administrative affairs, referred services to technicians
    based on my knowledge, and brokered joint business decisions with technical consultants.

    Job: Genuine Autoparts Salesman

    Performed service at the sales desk (orders, inventory organization, and negotiations,
    budgets with customers).

    Job: Warranty Analyst

    I worked by feeding the factory system, with complaints and malfunctions detected, parts
    analysis, warranty provenance judgment, invoicing, warranty service orders and followed the
    decisions of the factory regarding requests.

  • 2016 - 2018
    Continental AG

    Aftermarket Purchasing Intern

    Understand the projects requested, seek suitable suppliers that fit the characteristics of the
    projects, conduct negotiations, and quotations, support suppliers, seek constant improvements in
    cost reductions with more competitive suppliers that also have the adequate quality to the final product.
    Evaluate the suppliers\’ infrastructure, their assembly line, evaluate the productive capacity. Use of
    SAP VPR (Material Management Module) system to manage the prices recorded, contracts,
    movement history. Strategy support for local and global suppliers, budget planning, market analysis, supplier introduction/development, cost reduction, localization, and management of KPIs.


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