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About me

Good communication, the sense of organization associated with meeting established goals and rules, ease of learning, and proactivity enables me to work in Virtual Assistance.



    VAPRO - Virtual Assistant Professional

    Immersion course in virtual assistance specialized on Amazon.com.


    Business Administration

    Bachelor of Business Administration and an MBA in Strategic Business Administration and an MBA in Marketing. Studying university extension in WEB Programmer.


  • 1994 - Present

    Administration and Sales

    My professional experience provided me with better absorption of the content of the VAPRO ACADEMY course, which will assist me in applying for the job as a Virtual Assistant specialized in Amazon. As follows:
    Plan, control and optimize the resources available to fulfill the organization\’s planning;
    Detect flaws in the process, ensuring that the contract is executed in full;
    Active participation in the production of new bidding projects, as in the planning and search of the technical characteristics of the products and their similars for the preparation of the bidding documents, as well as in the processing of the direct Purchase Order when necessary and permitted;
    Inventory management;
    Return management;
    Management of positive and negative Feedbacks;
    Customer service and support with excellence;
    Product presentation, pre, and post-sales follow-up, and promotion at events.
    Experience in FBM, FBA in researching, identifying, and analyzing Amazon.com products based on pre-established criteria for a quick sale and guaranteed profit in manual searches or using tools such as TACTICAL ARBITRAGE, TACTICAL BUCKET, SOURCE MOGUL, OAXRAY, ONLINE SELLER ADDON COUNT STOCK, AMALYZE, ASINZEN, REVSELLER, KEEPA, VAPRO TOOLS, HELIUM 10, AZINSGHT, among others.


Order Processor
Online Arbitration Researcher
Customer Service
Return management
Return management
Inventory management
Return on Investment

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