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About me

I am a Bachelor of Laws, post graduated in Social Security Law. In addition, I am a Dental Prosthesis technician specialized in orthodontics.

My professional life constitutes experiences in the areas of oral health, administrative, financial and legal assistants, and service to the public.

I perform the activities assigned with organization, responsibility, speed and pro activity. I have a leadership profile, I am detail oriented and work well in a team.



  • 2017 - 2018
    Pereira da Costa Advogados - PC

    Administrative Assistant

    -Migration from Themis System to Sisjuri: preparation of spreadsheet with customer registration data
    for migration; support to the team regarding the use of the new system; feeding the new system with data
    information and information regarding cases / processes; – Controlling Sector: receiving and sending
    pouch (documents and other materials sent between branches and headquarters); cleaning of pastes
    physical (control of active and closed customers); scheduling and control of benefits / resources
    Social security through channel 135; -Legal: Protocol of electronic processes; Control of
    hearings, release of permits and labor agreements; Material and procedural order searches
    elaboration of Initial pieces; -Financial sector: posting of accounts payable and receivable in the system
    Sisjuri; Control and budget of stock material; Invoices; Document archive;
    Preparation of booklets / boletos; – Service sector: active and passive reception of customers

  • 2018 - 2019
    Portomed Porto Alegre - PORTOMED

    Financial aid

    Experience in: collection, accounts payable and receivable, borderô, cash flow, NF control, reconciliation
    banking, securities control and issuance, agreement, stock control, budgets, data entry
    in the company\’s system and billing.

  • 2016 - 2016
    Advocacia Guglielmi & innocenti S/S - AGI

    legal assistant

    Bank system supply (customer); Hiring correspondents for legal proceedings;
    Control of labor hearings; due diligence (going to court / TJRS / TRT / JT); Electronic and physical protocol.
    Assistance to lawyers.



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