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My name is Danielle, I’m married and I have a daughter. I just completed Amazon Virtual Assistant Training, by Vapro Academy. Finding profitable items for resale on Amazon. Research and analysis of products (Dropshipping Wholesale), based on predetermined criteria (categories, roi, inventory control, net profit). Use of tools such as Tactical Arbitration, OAxray, Keepa, Amazon Calculator, OaGenius, SourceMogul, RevSeller, Helium 10, The Funnel Guru, VA Tools, Azinsight and others. Customer Service, offering complete security during the entire process of sale and delivery. Freight label download; – Shipping of product freight to warehouse; – Freight tracking and checking received units; – Verification of units exist in the FBA; – Creation of FBA shipments to third parties; – Creation of Removal Orders; • Custumer service via Chat from the central Seller: – Creation of templates; – Shipping tracking; – Replecemente and Refund; – Creation of labels; – Exchanges and returns; – Order cancellation; – Answer and questions always aiming at customer satisfaction and store profit etc.Metrics and Reviews: – Review management; – Feedback management; – Care for the health of the account; Fulfillment by merchant (FBM), Confirmation of sending orders; – Purchase of shipping directly by Amazon; – Alteration of FBM units; – Creation of a new FBM Product; • Fulfillment by amazon (FBA) – Creation of freight for FBA products by Seller Central; – Download bar codes of products within a freight and at Seller Central;




  • 2020 - 2020
    Banco Itáu Unibanco

    Management Assistant

    Customer service, sales of services and banking products .Solving problems with extensive analysis knowledge, I am easy to communicate and assimilate new challenges. I see challenges as opportunities to create new solutions. I know how to work independently, always attentive to details, and seeking for excellence in any activity.

  • 2020 - Present
    Pedro Bocchini store (USA)

    Pedro Bocchini store (USA)

    During the Virtual Assistant Course I did an internship in the period of 7 days in the store (mentioned), and did research and analysis of products using the tools Tactical Arbitration, Source Mogul, and acquire great knowledge and excellent results for the store owner.


Customer Service, Product Search

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