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Virtual Assistent PRO – VAPRO / Amazon expert

Service Description:
– Customer service: chat message, management of orders, returns, payments and service optimization with message templates.
– Metrics and reviews: management of positive and negative reviews, sellers feedback management, analysis and health care of the account during store activity.
– Fulfillment by merchant (FBM): Purchase of products (dropshipping), confirmation of shipment orders, change of stock in the available FBM, add products in the store, elaboration of labels on Amazon and store management with the OAGenius software.
– Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA): preparation of labels to send products to the warehouse, tracking and confirmation of units received at Amazon.
– Online arbitrage: specialist in product search (best seller ranking) using professional tools: Tactical Arbitrage, OAXRAY, Tactical Bucket and Source Mogul.

– Other complementary specialties such as:
* Product listing creation and optimization.
* Basic photo editing & re-sizing
* keywords research and good skills of writing titles and descriptions
* writing keyword optimized titles and description.


  • 2020
    Amazon Academy

    Virtual Assistant PRO

    Complete course of virtual assistant specialist in Amazon with development in the area of ​​fulfillment by merchant (FBM) and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). The course has an exclusive learning in the area of ​​online arbitrage with a focus on the search for products with high sales standards in the market.


Online Arbitrage
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