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About me

Assistente Virtual Amazon

I have been working as a VA for a year since completing the VAPRO course in December 2020 from Elizandro Moreira. I have experience using tools like Tactical Arbitrage, Keepa, Azinzen, Analyzer, Analyzer, Invetory Lab and I have a lot of experience in FBA.

In my job I was responsible for looking for new wholesale suppliers filling and submitting registration forms for new distributors. Performed the search for products and after definition prepared and sent purchase orders to suppliers. Negotiated and contracted the freight and carried out the follow-up of the products until their arrival at the Prep Center and then the follow-up of the shipments until the arrival at Amazon. I also monitored sales and made repurchase orders for products.


  • 2021 - 2021


    The course shows the whole process that a specialized virtual assistant at Amazon should know, such as customer service in the right way, the importance of metrics and evaluations, what online arbitrage means and how to find products for FULFILLMENT BY MERCHANT (FBM) , FULFILLMENT BY AMAZON (FBA). This course also showed how to use important tools in online arbitrage research and analysis, such as: Tactical Arbitrage, Oaxray, Source Mogul, Keepa, RevSeller and the new tool created by Teacher Elizandro Moreira, developed and made available especially to his students, the “VAPRO Tools', which practically replaces almost all product analysis tools, and even the amazon FBA calculator.

  • 2010 - 2011
    Techimage - Photography school

    Photography Class

    Vocational course with 14 modules, which covers the basics of camera operation to ultra professional aspects such as the use of multiple flashes outdoors or indoors, the techniques used in studio photography, outdoor book, product photography and social events are taught. The course also teaches you how to use Lightroom, InDesign and Photoshop editing programs.

  • 2004 - 2007
    Newton Paiva

    Social communication, publicity and advertisement

    Perform and guide the work of creating and producing advertising campaigns in print, electronic and digital vehicles; Conduct and interpret creative research as a subsidy for the preparation of advertising campaigns; Mastering languages and aesthetic and technical skills to create, guide and judge.


  • 2021 - 2022
    Amazon store

    Virtual Assistant Amazon

    During the period carried out the activities.
    – Product search
    – Wholesale supplier search
    – Registration in Wholesales
    – Customer Service
    – Use of tools Tactical Arbitrage, Keepa, Azinzen, Analyzer, Analyzer.tools and Lab.
    – Sales tracking

  • 2010 - 2020
    Ana Paula Salvo Fotografias


    Execution of photographs published in rehearsals and social events, editing, image processing, assembly and layout of photo albums. Carrying out capture and customer service, sending and monitoring proposals, marketing plan and work dissemination, website design and social media management.

  • 2001 - 2011
    Hudson Imports Company SA

    Commercial Manager

    Responsible for the company’s commercial area, coordinator of the network of 34 sales representatives throughout Brazil, for sales planning throughout Brazil, for sales planning according to the strategic plan, for strategic and marketing analysis, for defining commercial policies, for the search for new markets, analysis of the hiring of the commercial company and economy of the introduction of new products, management of the work of the commercial team, visit of clients and execution of the company references in the fairs of references of the segment no.


Customer Service
Online arbitrage



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