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About me

I am a professional virtual assistant with specialization at Amazon, I have experience in customer service, practice in typing, my goal is to put all my experience in the area at the service of the company, in order to benefit the company, as well as my own professional growth. By working in this area I will have an opportunity to contribute to the company’s performance and also to my career.


Sou assistente profissional virtual com especialização na Amazon, possuo experiência em atendimento ao cliente, prática em digitação,meu objetivo é colocar toda a minha experiência na área a serviço da empresa, de forma a beneficiário a empresa, bem como o meu próprio crescimento profissional. Ao trabalhar nesta área terei uma oportunidade de contribuir para o desempenho da empresa e também para a minha carreira.



  • 2021 - Present

    Professional Virtual Assistant Course

    I am studying Amazon Specialized Virtual Assistant, an excellent course that is contributing a lot to my career, I love studying and contributing my knowledge.


  • 2011 - 2021

    Assistente Administrativo

    Hi, my name is Amanda, I’m 29 years old, I’ve been working for 7 years in a Decorative Products company as an Administrative Assistant, I’m a proactive, organized, communicative person, I like challenges, no matter how difficult the project, I always go to the end, i take care of the organizational climate where i work from where i live, i try to surround myself with good energies, with my knowledge in the area, i believe i can evolve as a professional together with your company. I’m creative and I can contribute even more to the company’s growth in the market.

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