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About me

Work praises the human being and being able to perform with wisdom, ethics and responsibilities are my goals and what I believe in.

I am a friendly person and who likes to help what you need, knowing your limits and commitments.

My qualifications:

Teamwork; Solve problems; Communicative; Good relationship with people; Proactive; Ability with the Internet, Media, and Social Network, Open to new opportunities and learning;

Among other characteristics are professionalism, adaptability, good humor, dynamism, responsibilities, ethics among others.



O trabalho valoriza o ser humano e poder atuar com sabedoria, ética e responsabilidade são meus objetivos em que acredito.
Sou uma pessoa amiga e que gosta de ajudar no que for preciso, conhecendo seus limites e compromissos.

Minhas qualificações:
Trabalho em equipe; Resolver problemas; Comunicativo; Bom relacionamento com as pessoas; Proativo; Habilidade com Internet, Mídia e Redes Sociais, Aberto a novas oportunidades e aprendizado;
Entre outras características estão profissionalismo, adaptabilidade, bom humor, dinamismo, responsabilidades, ética entre outros.




    Curso de duração de dois meses feito pelo Elizandro Moreira do VAPRO - ACADEMIa AMAZON. Customer Service, Gerenciamento de Ordens, Saúde da Conta, Administração de Refoud e Reviews, Dropshipping, FBA e FBM, Listagem de Produtos, Conhecimento com Tactical Arbitrage, Source Mogul, OAXRay, Gravity, Buscas Manuais. Aulas teóricas e Vídeos aulas gravadas e ao vivo. Two-month course taken by Elizandro Moreira from VAPRO - ACADEMIa AMAZON. Customer Service, Order Management, Account Health, Refoud and Reviews Administration, Dropshipping, FBA and FBM, Product Listing, Knowledge with Tactical Arbitrage, Source Mogul, OAXRay, Gravity, Manual Searches. Theoretical classes and Videos recorded and live classes.


    Business Administration

    Higher Course in Business Administration


  • 2021 - 2021
    4L&Gunther - Amazon-US

    Virtual Assistant

    1. Customer Service
    2. Search and analysis of products, FBA+FBM, and Drop Shipments.
    3. General manual and automated order processing.
    4. Store management, products registrations, account health, shipments, returns, communication with Amazon – cases, inventory, etc.
    5. Work with retail and wholesale stores (search and analysis of products, confirmation of shipments, returns and etc).
    6. Work in Excel Spreadsheet, intermediate to less advanced knowledge.
    7. Knowledge and execution of tools such as:
    1. Tactical arbitrage
    2. Scan Unlimited
    3. OAGenius & Gravity
    4. Informed
    5. Source Mogul
    6. Inventory Source – Knowledge but little use.
    7. Others

  • 2014 - 2020

    Administrator Manager Partner

    Internal, financial administration, telemarketing with business customers.
    External sales and customer support and knowledge of their needs.
    Analysis among competitors about products and operational mode, to offer a better
    service and quality to our customers.

  • 2011 - 2014
    Consult Center of Brazil

    External salesman

    External door to door sales, telemarketing with customers (companies).
    Development of needs and customer support.
    Professional experience in analyzing among competitors about products and quality.

  • 2005 - 2011
    Lindabella Produtos & Cosméticos Ltda.

    Administrative and Financial Manager Partner

    Manage the purchase and sales system of goods, inventory control, financial of the company
    in general as current accounts, income inflows, and outflows, payments in general.
    The monthly, annual movement of financial statements and business strategies for improvement sales and cost control, among other things pertinent to the company.


Product Search and Analysis - FBA+FBM+Dropshipping
Customer Service
Business Administration
Product Sales
Account and order management
Wholesale, Products Search
Seller Centro - knowledge



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